Count me as a believer! after finding no flow thru the upper radiator hose by inserting a piece of clear hose, then gutting the thermostat which seems to be the original cause of the overheating/exhaust in the cooling system
problem I used Thermogasket cleaner & then 2 part sealer drove the vehicle at 60-70 mph on I-95 for 20 miles. now no overheating and/or bubbles in the cooling system! You guys saved me $1200 to $1800 in major repairs. Thanks ever so much for your product & tech support assurance. hope this lasts.

Gene S
1997 Pontiac Sunfire
Vero Beach, Florida


Dear ThermaGasket,

A short success story.

My radiator blew and my car (1973 Ford LTD- 400 V8)) overheated back in Sept 2012. I rebuilt the upper end with new head gaskets and such. Unfortunately- I never took the heads in to have them inspected. The rebuild resulted in steam coming out the tail-pipe. Not as much- but still steam. Was it the heads or the block or new gasket?

I asked a lot of questions, friends, mechanics. And I did on-line research. Of all the products I decided to try your ThermaGasket. The web site and stories were really well written/documented. Actually talking to one of your representatives also put me at ease to have confidence this product will work.

Order: Wow! I ordered your product and it was on my doorstep in 2 days. Fantastic service.

A family situation delayed me a few weeks to go through the easy steps to see if my heads/gasket would seal. I finally did the whole process Saturday Nov 3rd. Wow- that was easy. And it worked!!!! No costly 're-re-build' on this engine. I have a short video I'll post on YouTube as some time permits in a day or so and share it with you also. Can't say enough thanks to your product and staff for their great customer service.

Thanks! :):)


I bought a cream puff of a 1998 Cadillac Deville. Only 117K on it. The original owners son was selling it, but it had overheated he said. We test drove it, bought it and drove home some 50 miles. No issues with my wife driving 40 miles round trip to work. Then I drove it for a short trip and it overheated. I thought it was leaking from the heater hoses and my big Fred Flintstone hands wouldn't fit in that little area so I took it to a well known Caddy repair shop in North Atlanta. System pressure tested fine but the hydrocarbon test came back at 750, ZERO is normal they said. $3700 to replace the head gaskets, ouch. I started researching and no one seemed to have the true FIX. was the real place, sent email and actually got a response and they told me to call them. Really, a true customer/technical support person? I talked to Dave and got the Northstar kit and FOLLOWED the direction, you don't know how hard for me that was. The wife made sure I read and re-read the directions. It took my Deville 65 minutes to get all the anti-freeze out. I did everything the direction said and off on the first drive I went with cell phone in hand. Nothing, no overheating, no stalls, no water leakage. WOW is all I can say. The Jeep video seemed like a farce but it was true!!!! I have seen 3 Cadillacs on the side of the road, overheated, in the last 2 weeks and I stop and tell them, "RXAUTO.COM"

Ernie, a true ThermaGasket believer.


Hello, just bought your product about over a week ago. had a little bit of water in the oil, and when I would start up my vehicle after its been sitting for a long period it would run real rough for about a minute (I think water in cylinder). about a year ago I purchased some head gasket repair for $30 from Kragens, I did have steam coming from the tailpipe after using product it stopped. but after about 6 months starting running rough and using alot of water and antifreeze. I just used Thermagasket and followed all the directions and WOW!! my expedition is running awsome. No rough startups and running real smooth. not using up water or antifreeze either. I am very pleased with your product and thank you. I've told alot of my friends about thermagasket. Thanks again for a great product.


I'm writing to tell you how Thermagasket solved the blown head gasket problem in my wife's \97 Ford Escort. It had steam clouds pouring from the
tailpipe, and barely idled. After removing the thermostat and flushing the engine five times with clear water, I applied half of the Thermagasket
contents to the radiator. Within 15 minutes of starting the engine, the steam clouds slowly abated, and the idle returned to a steady purr. That was over a year ago. No problems with the head gasket since. This stuff truly works!

Kevin Clarke


I am writing to give a testimonial, my \01 325I BMW had been slowly loosing coolant much to the dismay of myself and several mechanics. One of them had told me it was possibly a cracked head, after trying everything including
other stop leak products, I decided that someone made a product that worked. I did a search on the internet and found your product among others. After calling and talking to Kirk I decided to give it a try. I purchased the product and had my local mechanic flush and install it because of my
inability to do so. That was in December of '09, I just traded the vehicle with 196,000 miles on it and not another minute's trouble with coolant
loss. I tell anyone that will listen that there are some people that know what they are talking about and can back it up with a product that

Harrell, Georgia


I purchased Thermagasket for treating a blown head gasket on my 1976 36 foot Trojan boat. This boat has twin engines (Chrysler 400 big blocks). I ran Thermagasket through the block by a series of hoses to a 5 gal. bucket. I was able to circulate the product through the engine for almost 20 minutes before it got to 180 degrees. Shut the engine down and cleaned up for an hour. Started the engines and drove it at 3400 rpm for over an hour to get back to my house on the water. Ran better than it has in months. No more white smoke or serious loss of rpm. Your product really works. and not just on automobiles.

Martin Keller


I just wanted to let you know that your product works . I was disappointed that so many companies try to sell products to the public which are allot of time a scam. I used your product because of my aluminum Cobra intake. I redid the top end of my 1990 Mustang which has a beefed up 302, 3:73 rear along with other modifications. I used your product back in August and with a high performance vehicle so far everything is good.

Thank You,


The head and or gasket became faulty after a trip to Wyoming. I had to park my PT Cruiser, because the water would boil everytime I stopped, but the interrior guage read still normal. Ordered some Thermagasket, and administered it following the instructions. Magic! My engine is working like new again. No boiling, no overheating, or hot at all! I now use my car to drive my son to college about an hour away on weekends, and my husband uses it to drive to work during the week, 30 miles away. The mileage is back up to normal, which is a HUGE savings. It runs quiet and smooth, and cool... I am so pleased with the way Thermagasket has worked. I have my car back, and it cost so much less than an actual repair would have. Very Affordable. Awesome Product. Thank You! I am telling all my friends!!

Paula H


I really was never a believer of quick fixes in a bottle but this Thermagasket is magic. I have a 97 neon with 120,000 that was pushing antifreeze out into the exhaust. I kept loosing antifreeze and killing the 02 sensors. I put this stuff in and it's been 9 months and the car is perfect. Last weekend, my Mother-in-laws 89 Dodge Shadow had a similar problem but her oil was also being contaminated with antifreeze. I put in the Thermagasket and it fixed the head gasket. This stuff is really magic in a bottle. Thank you for saving my cars.

John Feane
of Suffern NY.F


Kirk, I have used your product for the third time (in three different vehicles) and would like to thank you for offering something that works so well. My wife's Honda Civic had a radiator that literally fell apart (three pieces) and the engine overheated, causing the head gasket to leak. Having successfully used Thermagasket on a Cadillac with a Northstar engine, I ordered another supply a few days ago. I used it according to directions and it worked almost instantly. In the 25 mile commute to work, it was using almost a gallon of water, but on the drive home with Thermagasket installed, it didn't use any water at all! I checked it when it cooled down and both the overflow was three quarters full (where I had filled it) and the radiator was completely topped off! I guess I shouldn't be surprised since it has worked every time I have used it, but never the less I was! Thanks again for making such a great product!

Dan M.


Awesome product - worked like a charm. Thanks!!!

Susanne M
Lubbock Texas


I ordered your product in hopes that it would save me money...I am a single parent trying to raise two daughter still lives at home and her car blew a head I decided what could I lose. I used Thermagasket and much to my really worked! My boyfriend was also doubting the product. We followed the instructions and it was not long, it was running just like it had before the head gasket blew. I am not one to brag on a product but I am well satisfied with your product. Thank you! I would recommend this to anyone who cannot afford an overhaul and or has a late model car and on a budget. I would use your product again.

Tanya C


I just want to leave a testimonial. I purchased Thermagasket about two weeks ago and put it in my car about four days ago. All I can say is your product is amazing. I drive 110 miles round trip to work every day and it had gotten to the point where I was literally using up 1 gallon of coolant for each round trip. I had the classic symptoms of water in the oil but I did not have the $1800 needed to have my head gasket replaced professionally nor the technical expertise to do it myself. I saw your product on line and decided for a little over $100, how could I lose. I installed the Thermagasket repair kit according to the instructions and this stuff works as advertised. I have driven nearly 400 miles since treating my cooling system and with the exception of the initial top-off after the first drive I have added no coolant to my vehicle. Thank you for one of the few products in the US that really does what it claims it can do.

S. A. Townes
Boise, ID


Hello Thermagasket

You're 2 for 2 now, for the second time my vehicle was diagnosed with a blown head gasket (The first time was with a 6.0 Ford Diesel, you told me to get the EGR Cooler checked and that it also might be under a recall warranty...right on both accounts.) This time it was my daughter's Hyundai. 2 Shops diagnosed the overheating as a blown head gasket or worse. I called and Kirk told me he felt it could be my exhaust system or to be more precise the Catalytic Converter. Took it to the muffler shop and it was 85% plugged up, they changed it and no more overheating.

Thanks Again
Theodore F
Long Island New York


After I bought your product, I found that my engine was hydro-locked. I took the spark plugs out, turned the engine over and I couldn't believe, water squirted from four cylinders. I was immediately convinced the product would never work, the damage was too severe. I continued anyway. To my astonishment it did work, its "Fixed!" I can hardly believe it.

J Warrington
98 Lincoln Mark VIII
32 Valve DOHC V8


I want to tell you that I fixed my 99 Olds Silhouette on Sunday that had the head gasket breach at no. 2 cylinder. It now runs fine and does not overheat, plug burns with no black hydrocarbons, exhaust is smooth, engine runs smoothly, and no water leak from radiator so I know all is fixed now. Thanks for your help help over the phone and via emails.

R L Snyder
Buckeye, Az.


That is one **** of a product! I've been a mechanic for over 30 years!!! It's a great product! Whatever your're doing just keep on doing, I'm recommending you to everyone I know. (91 Nissan Maxima)

G Tubbs


I can't thank you enough for your product. Not only did your product cure my head gasket issue, the oil is now normal in appearance and the temperature is a consistent 196 Degrees...unbelievable. My support tech was Kirk and he is awesome. Not only was the head gasket bad, there were underlying cooling issues which no mechanic could figure out. Kirk walked me through the steps needed to control the cooling system, which was also needed after the head gasket was repaired. There were times when I was ready to give up but Kirk gave me the knowledge and confidence to keep with it.  Kirk was there for me no matter when I called and I never felt I was a "bother" fact, Kirk was enthusiastic and shared his knowledge with me as if I were his very own brother. I had just purchased the 99 Deville in Sept, 2009 and had problems from the start,  had many things repaired but I could not control the temperature...I found your web site, along with some others, when I did a Google search for blown head gaskets. I was impressed with your customer write ups and felt Thermagasket would be my best option...not only did the product work as stated on your website, the customer service provided by Kirk was unsurpassed. I am telling everyone I know about your product so they will know there is hope when they have these problems, especially with the Cadillac Northstar Engine. I am very thankful for your company and your staff..May God Bless you all...

Sincerely, Mike D (Pennsylvania)


Kirk, I am so very pleased to be able to write you back (with a BIG SMILE on my face) about your Thermagasket product !
I was still skeptical even after talking to one of your professionals about my blown head-gasket on my GMC 1990 K2500 4X4 truck.
I had gotten 3 estimates, after my $68.00 fee from my mechanic to tell me I had coolant coming into my #1 cylinder-head, and water in my oil.  The lowest quote I got was over $1,200.00!!  The other 2 were nearly $2,000.00 and over 2,200.00. I was utterly depressed because I didn't have anywhere close to that kind of $$ available, and knew it was going to take getting a loan to fix my problem. How could anything this easy be true ??  Having made (the right) decision, I followed the instructions, flushed my coolant (3 times) and then added the A & B solutions, and drove the truck for 25 minutes.  Unbelievable to listen and watch the progression of my engine becoming a smooth running sewing machine in that short of time !!!  No more white smoke coming out of my exhaust, my rough running engine is smooth and quiet .... WOW!  This Happy Camper can now keep our fishing trip plans! Yee Haa.  I feel like I owe you more money sir, and will be telling my friends about your great product. 

Tom McGehee


In May of 2009, my truck had 298,000 miles on it and started losing water from the cooling system. It wasn't leaking out on the ground either. Then my truck started idling very rough and the Check Engine light started flashing. I took it to my mechanic and he wanted  $3,300 to replace the blown head gasket. I tried Thermagasket and it fixed my truck in minutes! It's still going strong 28,000 miles later. Thanks, Thermagasket!

Mark P


My 1997 Cadillac Deville was diagnosed with a blown head gasket in cylinder. Overheated in 15 min. 2 Shops diagnosed the problem, but refused to work on the Northstar Engine. Cadillac wanted a minimum of $5000.00 to replace the head gaskets. After installing the Thermagasket Northstar Kit we have put over 4000 miles ( With several trips over 500 continuous miles ) with no problem at all.

Thanks Again!
John C


Wow!!! The dealer quoted me a repair of $2,400 to replace headgaskets. Radiator fluid was overflowing and I had to replace water every 4 miles. I followed your directions and the exhaust gasket leak was repaired in about the first 8 minutes. Please feel free to circulate my experience to any of the Subaru owners, as this is a very common problem with the 2.5 L engine. There are also many who don\'t believe that this will work and will go for the repair. Thanks again -- your company is just awesome!

Harold Z


I have a 1995 Toyota 4x4 with a 3.0 V-6. All of a sudden it started blowing steam out of the tail pipe, no previous overheat. Immediately I got the truck home and determined that I had a blown head gasket. At that time I had no water in the oil that came after the third time I started the truck for further troubleshooting. I searched on line and always came back to the Thermagasket. So, I ordered the water in the oil kit and followed the directions to the letter. About 3 miles after putting the Thermagasket in the truck the smoke went away. I AM AMAZED!!!!!  I am an aircraft mechanic and am very skeptical about any quick fix, THIS STUFF WORKS AS ADVERTISED!!! The good thing is, I have enough for a second vehicle. I have 560 miles on my truck since the repair and I seem to have more power than before the blown head gasket. Kirk helped me through the process and is an excellent technician. If you are thinking about saving $2000.00 give this product a try your will be happy for it. THANKS THERMAGASKET!!!!!

Randy Denney


I now have about 30,000 miles on my engine since I used your product and it is still running just fine!  Not once has it overheated or run hot!  Anytime I encounter someone who mentions engine running hot or head gasket problems, I always tell them to definitely use your product.

Mike B Georgia


Thank you for returning my call so promptly. The advice you gave was great (and of no charge even when I offered compensation, wow people just don't do that today). Found the leak of radiator fluid.....and it wasn't the head gasket. All my friends will be told about your product and high level of integrity.



Wanted to thank you all for spectacular customer service, and a miraculous product. Kirk, advised us what to do and made himself available to speak to the mechanic by phone. Thank God our Tahoe is now up & running.



Hello Thermagasket, I cannot believe the service you guys provide. I called and spoke to Kirk because my Volkswagen 1.8  was having misfiring issues in cylinders 1 and 3, and was diagnosed a blown head gasket. I called and spoke to Kirk, after explaining the problem he told me that in his opinion it was a bad spark plug coil, and not the head gasket.  His advice was to switch the coil packs from cylinders 2 and 4 with cylinders 1 and 3 to see if the misfire changed cylinders...( Brilliant !!!! ) I bought a manual and switched them myself, to my happy surprise it changed. I decided to replace all of them ($200.00) and keep the 2 that were still good for spares. Thanks again you saved me at least $1000.00.

Helen L.
Portland Oregon


My sons 1998 Taurus had water in the oil and ran like crap. I was skeptical at first, but thought what do I have to loose. And with a son in College, money is tight. After following the instructions and running it for 9 minutes it cleared up all the white smoke and runs like new. Thank you, my son is ecstatic as am I over the results

Barry Young

My daughter's 1997 Escort (200,000 km) developed a leaking head gasket (slowly losing coolant, misfiring on startup and bubbling in the cooling system, but no visible water in the oil or white smoke from the tailpipe). When I called to find out whether Thermagasket would be suitable for the fix you asked questions to confirm the head gasket was the problem, you confirmed that the product would fix a compression leak to the coolant system, and you promptly processed my order for the product.

Although the first shipment got lost in the mail, you immediately tracked the order and shipped another package within two hours of my call. I was very impressed.

When I got the shipment, I purged the cooling system and backflushed it as instructed and inserted the Thermagasket.  On the initial drive the temperature gauge fluctuated in the mid range, but soon settled down to a steady low to mid range reading.  On returning home, the bubbling was no longer in evidence.  On subsequent driving of almost 300 miles, the car has used absolutely no coolant and the temperature gauge now rides steadily at about the one third mark, and has never hesitated or missed on startup.  The product has absolutely performed as promised.

Thanks to Thermagasket, I did not have to go shopping for cars or spend big bucks on mechanical repairs and the savings can go instead to buying groceries or helping pay my daughter's tuition expenses.  The Thermagasket team has done a great job all round.

Ted Jones
Victoria BC


I just wanted to praise your innovation and invention of this product. You have saved me at least $800 and a week of no vehicle to drive. When I added the Thermagasket to my radiator within less than 10 minutes of driving my temp gauge was actually going down. All external leakage stopped and now the truck runs cooler than ever before. I can't thank you enough and I have been telling everyone I know about this. You're the best.

Mike V
92 4.0 Ford Explorer
Jasper Indiana

The product is outstanding and works just as they say. But the best thing is they have real guys with real mechanical experience available to answer questions and make sure you do things right, even on the weekend!

Gary V
Sarasota Florida


I was looking for a way to fix the head gasket with out taking apart the motor.   I had talked to several shops and found that most said even if they do the work that it may or may not fix the problem.  After hearing this I started looking for other ways to fix this.  I have never believed that there was a fix in a bottle. After talking to my wife and going through this with a 2000 Deville I was not looking forward to finding a shop to do the work.  Besides the last time I had a northstar motor fixed it only lasted about 6 months or so. So we talked about trying this and I figured anything was worth a shot.  I was not going have all the work nor spend the money on 1997 sts with 231,154 miles on it.  So we ordered the product.  It came in the mail and when I opened the box my first thought was that's it where's the rest.  I had talked to Kirk when I placed the order he had told me to make sure there was nothing in the system but water.  So we were ahead of the game when it came in. I replaced the thermostat with a new one.  I did what they said, and followed what they had to the letter. I took the car to town.  Going to town and back is about 78 miles round trip.  It was 98 degree's out and I thought well we will see. At this time I would have to say holly molly I had never thought a fix in a bottle would have worked.  So I would say this my hat is off to the guys that came up with this stuff.

Thank you,
Craig Bautista
Owner of
Fearless Installations.


I was a non believer but your ThermaGasket kit fixed my 1996 Subaru Outback and I am very thankful.  I will tell everyone how well it works. 

 Jeff Fialkowski
Boise Idaho


Hello all at RX auto:  just a quick note to let you guys know that your product worked. I want to thank you for the excellent tech support and all the help you have given me over the past few weeks. All the information about drilling the holes in the thermostat and installing the adjustable fan switch really helped.  Trust  me when I say, I had my doubts about anything helping my North Star. I figured it was a goner for sure. I tried every thing on the market at least once and most of them twice and nothing even came close to helping my Caddy from over heating. It got so bad I couldn't go 3 miles with out needing to stop and add water. The first time I tried your product I never made it around the block before a hose came off and I lost all the water, I didn't tighten up a hose clamp, my bad. So I put the second half of the treatment in and everything seemed OK and then I took it on the freeway and pushed it a little to hard and it overheated, my bad again. So I called you guys up and you gave me the option of a refund or a re treat with no questions asked. I opted to retreat and I did everything you told me to do and low and behold it worked. I drove the car around town for a week or so and then drove it non stop 1,350 miles from Long Beach Ca to Post Falls Id in 19 hours 30 mins at the avg speed of 67 mph.  So to make a short story long the stuff works it really works. If you want to give my email addy out to any body that doubts your product I will be glad to talk with any and all who would like to ask me any questions. If you can use this email in any way to help others in the same situation I've been in please do so with my blessings..

A million thanks,
Ren Swank
( E-Mail Available upon request )


Thanks for your no B.S. way of doing business. I called about my Ford 6.0 Powerstroke Diesel having a blown head gasket in March 2009. Kirk explained that it could be a cracked EGR cooler and not  the head gasket and it may be under warranty due to a recall. I took the truck into my local dealer and sure enough it was the EGR cooler. They replaced it at no cost. I was ready and willing to make a purchase but you would not even attempt to sell me anything until I had this checked out. I will definitely be calling if I have a blown head gasket in the future.

Butch C


I just wanted to write in and thank you for putting out such a great product.  My car started overheating last year and since then has been barely drivable for any distance greater than a few miles.I researched around looking for a "quick fix " and happened upon your website. I called in asking for more info and was immediately connected with a knowledgeable member of the staff who assured me that Thermagasket would work on my 2000 Caddy Seville. My order came promptly and installation was a breeze. After the flush of the antifreeze and addition of the mixture provided, I took the car on the first ride (as stated in the instructions)...after 10 minutes I couldn't believe the car was not overheating.  That was 2 weeks ago, and I have since put 300 miles on the car without a hiccup. The engine stays cool, it's no longer using up coolant and I can finally drive it without fear of overheating.  I recently took the car on a 35 mile trip (70 total) on a warm day with the AC running.  The car stayed as cool as ever. I am completely sold on your product and will recommend it to everyone I know. Thanks again for putting out such a quality product. 

Steven Muller


Was very skeptical, but after being quoted from $3000-$4500 to replace the Head Gaskets  I would give it a try. This has got to be the best $ I have ever spent! I was unable to drive 10 miles before engine started to overheat. I followed the instructions and the car runs like new. Fantastic product!

Andrew A 1997
Seville SLS 4.6 Northstar


Good afternoon, I got the 87 300 SDL running great now because of Thermagasket.  The previous owner poured an insane amount of money into it the last few years (new transmission, a/c compressor, new head lamp assembly, new radiaor, etc.).  He had to get the new radiator due to one of the over-the-counter head gasket products clogging it beyond repair.  So, I got a car that is near-perfect cosmetically and now runs great for less than $1000.  I'm thinking it also had a crack in the head because I see some silvery stuff oozing out.  So, Thermagasket did a miraculous job and my wife thinks I'm a genius.  Thanks for all the support.More later,


I used this product on my 1997 BMW 328 IS,  and to my amazement it worked exactly as your video showed. I had a small leak in the gasket or small crack in the head that was causing it to smoke. It ended up destroying 2 o2 sensors and burnt 3 coils for a grand total of $1200 worth of work and I still had the underlying issue (head job). According to all of the BMW forums I have read and techs that I've talked to, this would never work...I guess none of have have tried Thermagasket because it did work. I will be recommending this product to anyone with a head gasket issue. Thanks have saved me a ton of cash and down time...

Brad H


I can't thank you enough for your product. Not only did your product cure my head gasket issue, the oil is now normal in appearance and the temperature is a consistent 196 Degrees...unbelievable. My support tech was Kirk and he is awesome. Not only was the head gasket bad, there were underlying cooling issues which no mechanic could figure out. Kirk walked me through the steps needed to control the cooling system, which was also needed after the head gasket was repaired. There were times when I was ready to give up but Kirk gave me the knowledge and confidence to keep with it.  Kirk was there for me no matter when I called and I never felt I was a "bother" fact, Kirk was enthusiastic and shared his knowledge with me as if I were his very own brother. I had just purchased the 99 Deville in Sept, 2009 and had problems from the start,  had many things repaired but I could not control the temperature...I found your web site, along with some others, when I did a Google search for blown head gaskets. I was impressed with your customer write ups and felt Thermagasket would be my best option...not only did the product work as stated on your website, the customer service provided by Kirk was unsurpassed. I am telling everyone I know about your product so they will know there is hope when they have these problems, especially with the Cadillac Northstar Engine. I am very thankful for your company and your staff..May God Bless you all...

Sincerely, Mike D (Pennsylvania)


Hi, my name is Dan and I live in Minnesota. I have a 1970 Nova SS with a 350 40 bored engine. Just recently I noticed small puffs of smoke coming out of the tail pipe and water vapors and drops. My concern was that I indeed had a blown head gasket. After consulting with many of my gearhead friends it was confirmed that my suspicion was correct. So.....I contacted Kirk at Rxauto. After a long conversation with Kirk (I had to be reassured that his product would not harm anything if I were to try it)

I decided to purchase Thermagasket. I followed the instructions to a T (Flushing the radiator coolant twice until the water was completely clear) then added Thermagasket to the system. Exactly 1 hour later there were no more puffs of coolant coming out of the tail pipe and no water vapors or drops. The Nova is running smooth and cool and I am 100% Satisfied with the product! Thanks Kirk!



Thermagasket worked wonders on my car.  My 1994 Camry has in excess of 150,000 miles.  The temp sensor (radiator fan switch) on my car failed and caused my engine to overheat.  I've had head gaskets blow on other high mileage cars, so I knew the signs.  As expected, my regular auto service center diagnosed the problem (blown head gasket) and based on the mileage/age of the car, they recommended a rebuilt engine or a new car. (Est. cost of locally installing a rebuilt engine in the car $4,000-$5,000. Their suggested alternative was to take the sick Camry to a full service mechanic and let them have a go at it.  They estimated that in my area I would be looking at a minimum of $900-1,000 and if the engine could be repaired, I would still have a high mileage engine.  I started looking for a new "used" car to purchase on Ebay/Yahoo and spotted a link to Thermagasket and several competing products.  I was highly skeptical of the whole approach to the repair so I spent a few hours checking the internet for the good, bad, and ugly about your product.  Thermagasket seemed to score very highly on technical support and comments regarding responsiveness to customer questions.  I chose Thermagasket because it was the only web-product that discussed treatment of my oil as part of the repair.  It may seem obvious to some but it made me stop and think, "if these guys are concerned beyond simply sealing my cracked head gasket then I'll trust their tech support more."  What's the worst that could happen? I'd pay for the product and if it worked, GREAT.  If I worked with the Thermagasket tech support and it still didn't work, per the Money Back Guarantee Procedure, I'd get my money back.  Seemed fair to me. I received the products within 3 days of my order.  I followed the instructions (I kept re-reading them because they seemed too simple). Took my car for a 15 mile run down the Interstate and after about 5-7 miles the engine started running smoother  (gasoline rather than coolant in the cylinders)  and good-bye white smoke-screen. James Bond 007 is weeping but I am thrilled.  My acceleration is back to normal, the radiator temp is staying where it belongs (I've also replaced the fan temp sensor). I would highly recommend giving Thermagasket a try.  You have nothing to lose... Unless you enjoy writing out large checks to auto service centers without first looking for a low cost alternative.  Thanks for such a great product!

George E.



Got your product the second day after ordering it. You were right, the product sealed the head gasket breach in a couple of minutes.Very impressive! I had used the K&W "NanoTechnology" product earlier.
After 45 minutes, it still had steam out the exhaust. Thanks!

Torrance CA


Hey Kirk,

Another rave review for Thermagasket.  The product is truly amazing.  My 97 STS with only 99k miles on it was about to be dumped.  I was looking a blown head gasket repair bill of $4000.  When the first treatment didn't work when my mechanic tried it you politely gave us a return authorization for my money back, but I still had half the treatment left.  After getting phone coaching from Dave and you, I thoroughly flushed the engine four times over two days and proceeded with the treatment and took the car out following the instructions regarding the rpms and driving schedule.  I went farther and farther with each trip with no overheating at all.  I then took it to my mechanic and he ran the engine block test (with Engine Blok) with the outcome showing absolutely no hydrocarbons in the coolant.  Before Thermagasket it had 220 ppm of hydrocarbons in the coolant and had turned the Blok Test yellow in 30 seconds!  The car had been giving malfunction codes for cylinder #1 with the engine light coming on.  Now the car runs like new with no engine light or malfunction codes at all.

Those who doubt Thermagasket are destined to spend a lot of money for needless repairs.  With a money back guarantee, there truly is nothing to lose.
I've already spread the word to a few friends who have coolant or block leaks, and I just ordered another Thermagasket kit for my daughter's Saab that is losing coolant.

Thanks for a great product and great customer service.

Mike C.
Hampton , NJ

Treated engine 2 weeks ago following directions sent. Just like video on website, white smoke from exhaust cleared up, engine smoothed out. Ran for 2 weeks without thermostat & straight water. Coolant reservoir level never went down where before I was burning 1+ quarts a week. Today flushed system, replaced thermostat, added antifreeze - all good.

Though I was very skeptical, read internet sites that said "quick fixes" don't work (I noticed none ever spoke from any experience using Thermagasket), I ordered Thermagasket anyway & tried it. I am amazed at how well my truck runs, no more white smoke out exhaust, purrs like a kitten. In this economy, I'm thrilled to save $1000 & have my truck back. I highly recommend Thermagasket. Plain & simple: IT WORKS!!



FLUSHED SEVERAL TIMES.....CHANGED THERMOSTAT..TRIED BARS LEAK, IRONTITE, STEEL SEAL....Didn't work...Thermagasket DID WORK, first time. After talking to Technical Support, it sounded like I could take a try with ThermaGasket...Although some of the other products I tried, did give me custom advice for my situation...They didn't work..I have had exhaust gas showing up in the coolant system for the last year...It finally got bad enough to break the coolant reservoir....You could also SMELL coolant in the exhaust, although you couldn't SEE it..Coolant would get dirty looking very quickly (a day or two) I flushed the system twice again, to remove all older residues.With the Mercedes , you need to use a strong CITRIC acid solution...but when you are finished in 2 days...The coolant system is REALLY clean...I followed Tech Supports advice by running it up to temperature several times over 2 weeks...By the second day, I stopped smelling coolant in the exhaust...Now after a month, the coolant is very clean, and using a BLOCK TEST kit, I NOW SEE NO EXHAUST gases in my coolant reservoir..


Ron De Silva


Okay, here's my testimonial......

My 1992 Toyota 4x4 with 192,000 mile diagnosed with head gasket.

Had previous same repair about 8 years ago to the tune of $1500.00, so I knew with such an aged vehicle it was not likely that anytime soon I would be getting this repaired.

Stumbled across your product on the internet one night (New Year's Eve...3 months ago) and pondered using? it, much to the dismay of my mechanic?and then also my?neighbor that works in a shop that services diesels. Also I got onto blogs about trucks etc.. and was discouraged by everyone to not do this.

I did it.

I became a slightly better mechanic for it too, with replacing my radiator and hoses and flushing the system, this became a slow but steady process leading up to using your product tonight, It also gave me and my 2 sons some enjoyment in being able to fix our truck.? This truck has been mine since day 1, 18 years and 192,000miles and now, more than ever, they are looking for other ways to make my truck better.

Have to say I was amazed at how fast this worked too. Within probably less than 30 seconds after adding Thermagasket the engine was sounding much different, that was my first clue that it did the job. We took it for about a 16 mile drive without any leaks or heat issues and it ran strong like nothing had ever been wrong with it.

Thanks. I didn't really utilize the tech support except to ask if you guys thought I was ready after all my preliminary work and you said I was ready.

I'm a believer, and now we are going to be looking for "blown head gasket" vehicles for sale.

Awesome product !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jerry Jenkins
Huntington Mills, Pennsylvania


Well I just had to write you and tell you your product worked! I was skeptical but it really worked. I was going to get rid of my car (but who would buy it with a blown head gasket) I didn't know what to do.

My initial phone call to order your product was even a pleasure. Kirk was very understanding and was very knowledgeable. My 1997 Pontiac Firebird was smoking and I did not know what to do. I followed your instructions and with in 10-15 minutes it stopped smoking completely. I called your technical support number and spoke to Dave who was very helpful and was a pure joy to talk to. I have driven my car for 3 weeks and about 1,000 miles and its running smoother and quieter than when I bought it. Keep up the good work I highly recommend your product. It was worth my $148 investment. I still half of your product left!! Feel free to contact me at anytime. Regards,

David Latino
Wernersville PA


I just want to applaud your customer service. When I first called and tried to order your product, your customer service recommended I do some research first to make sure it was a blown head gasket and not something else. You informed me that it could be a bad catalytic converter, radiator, thermostat, water pump or even a simple clogged reservoir hose. And how to check each of them so that I would not waste my time and money on your product.

This level of integrity is almost unheard of these days. After checking all the above it is determined to be a bad head gasket and I look forward to using your product and will let you know of the outcome. 

In addition, this seems to be the only product on the market that does not require removing spark plugs and shutting down fuel to the effected cylinders. I hope your product lives up to the high standards that your customer service has already set.
Thank you.

Matt B
San Diego Ca


Thanks from the bottom of my heart, the experience I had with your company was above and beyond any expectations I could have had.

From my initial call whoever I spoke to took the time to explain what a leaking head gasket was, how an overheating problem caused the problem ( It turned out my fans were not working after he explained what to check and I called back the next day, my mechanic just told me I had a head gasket problem and it would cost $1100.00 to fix ) Once I received the Thermagasket the technical support was there to help me, on Sunday no less. I am a 58 year old woman and at no point did I feel patronized. I got nothing but Love through the whole experience, not to mention my Camry is running better than ever. It looks like most of your testimonies address how good the product worked, I wanted mine to tell of the great people you all are as well. Thanks

Betty W
Jackson MS


2/26/09 Update - I wrote a testimonial in 2007, months after the first time we used Thermagasket. 41,000 miles later, we suddenly developed a bigger problem. Since Thermagasket gave us over 2 years of life the first time, we decided to try it again. The product arrived in 4 days. The biggest problem this time was getting the van started after it sat with contaminated oil for 6 days. However, once that was accomplished, a few hours later (and after jugging up lots of coolant to recycle) the problem was fixed! It's such a good feeling to see nice clean oil after having seen it looking like a chocolate milkshake. After a week of driving, the oil remained clean, the coolant remained clean and there was no fluid loss. At this vehicle's age (11 yrs) and miles (210600), I wouldn't try to guess how much longer it will continue to work, but anything at this point is a bonus. Kirk was very helpful all along the way including listening to us crank the engine to try and figure out why it wouldn't start. :)

"In Nov. 2006 we used Thermagasket in our 1998 Grand Caravan with 169K miles. We had noticed a hot antifreeze odor, although there was no obvious leak. Our mechanic said it needed an engine rebuild - at over $3000! We did some web research and decided to try Thermagasket. We did this on a Saturday and got immediate (and unexpected!) phone help when something was unclear. We followed all the directions and it fixed our problem! Six months later when we brought the van in for another reason the mechanic asked what we had done because he noticed it wasn't leaking anymore. We've driven 16K miles in the 10+ months since then."

Gulf Coast , AL


I saw the ad on TV and told my Son about it, because he had just been told the head gasket on his Toyota truck needed to be replaced for about $1,500 to $2,000 . I called and spoke to Dave, he explained what needed to be done. I took a chance and ordered the repair kit for $100.  We removed the thermostat, and then followed the great directions with the kit.  Calls to Technical Support were promptly answered and they willingly told me what to do, even offered to talk us through the process. We did exactly what the instructions said to do, and within 5 minutes the steam stopped coming out of the exhaust .  My Son son is now a happy camper - me too. Thanks everyone for your outstanding cooperation .

Samuel MacKinney
Red Wing, Minnesota


"Your products are awesome. Fantastic results for My 98 Caddy. The thermostat 
stuck while doing 80 MPH on I-40 and the car overheated. Estimated repair was $3200.00. Your product cost a $150 plus $280.00 for the shop to install. Total $430.00. Savings = $2770.00. It has been 5 months and 5000 miles and it is working great. Arkansas summers can get up to 100* and it survived. Thanks for helping me save money and continue using a wonderful automobile that otherwise might have been \"put down\". We love the 98 Caddy and your products.  Anyone with a 98 Northstar needs to immediately install a 150* thermostat in the car to help avoid this disaster."



"WOW, 2 years and 51,000 miles ago I had a cracked head on left side. I used your product and it has worked perfectly. I recently had a clogged fuel filter which caused overheating and cracked the head on the right side. I used another treatment after replacing the fuel filter and am pleased to say it worked again!!! You guys have saved me a total of over $3000, if I was to have both heads repaired. Following directions is key and if done as instructed the results are nothing short of amazing."

Thank you again
Dave Mitchell


"I bought Thermagasket and did not use it for many months, because I was hoping that the part's store liquid aluminum flakes would solve my oil in coolant problem.  Finally, a year ago I cycled out all of the antifreeze fluid out of my car (I emptied and filled my radiator with water 5 times, driving 15 miles with the heater on, after each cycle) and then I mixed in the Thermagasket.  I have not had any oil in my coolant reservoir since.  I was lucky to have found out about your product and I think that it is worth the $$. 

James H Illinois

Kirk... OK...Thanks for your opinion on the car. I must apologize for complaining to you about the lack of a refund on the Thermagasket that I purchased in May2007. I looked into the refund situation on my Chase card and was surprised to find that there was a credit posted for the failed attempt last June. Surprised because I've been unhappy for all that time because I thought that the Thermagasket guarantee was BS and that I got cheated, lol. I had posted about my 'failed experience' on a few car club chat boards and last night I deleted them and corrected. I'm going to pass on the car that was in the video. I appreciate your quick reply and I'll consider Thermagasket again if I run across a 'deal' car to purchase."

David Rogers

The Thermagasket worked as advertised. I have an 1998 Ford Expedition that was leaking water into cylinder 1. I flushed the cooling system and ran the engine for about 30 seconds with the plug removed to clear the cylinder. Followed the directions provided from Thermagasket and almost immediately the problem was solved. Thanks Thermagasket.

Joe B
Hendersonville TN

“It took awhile, but I am finally a believer in Thermagasket, and amazingly, so is my mechanic. Our 1998 Ford Expedition severely overheated a year ago when my wife drove it on a long trip by herself. The heater core blew, and she didn't know what to do, so she just kept driving until she found an exit with a Ford dealership in Tennessee. She left the vehicle, got a rental and finished her trip to Illinois, and picked it up on the way back to Atlanta. The dealership replaced the heater core, and everything was fine - for awhile. It didn't take long for the warped head to spring a serious leak, which we first tried to fix with xxxx xxxx. That worked for a month or so, but never really fixed the problem. Our mechanic gave us the bad news - junk the truck or pop for the $2,800 major engine repairs.

"Then I ran across Thermagasket on the internet. I decided to chance the $100 and give it a try, over the strenuous objection of our very trusted mechanic. I even had him do the flush and Thermagasket treatment so it would be done correctly. That was early February, and it's now mid-April and 8,000 miles later. And not a hint of a leak ever since. The Expedition just turned 140,000 miles, and still runs great. It just made the round trip from Atlanta to Miami last week, and ran like a top. Our mechanic checks it every time we bring it in for an oil change, and just shakes his head in continued disbelief.

Your product saved us at least $2,800 in a major engine repair. Even if it craps out on us tomorrow (which I'm certain it won't), it was still worth every penny. Thank you!"

R. G. Byrne
Marietta GA


"Just a quick note in follow up to my previously submitted testimonial, that we just sold our 1998 Ford Expedition after driving over 30,000 miles after using Thermagasket with no problems whatsoever, and got $3,700 MORE for it in trade than Kelly or Edmunds suggested we'd get. The dealer said the SUV ran great, and was in superb condition for it's age and mileage. We are still very grateful for your product having both saved us a huge repair bill last year, and for the great trade in value the vehicle retained as a result of the Thermagasket treatment. We now have a brand new Ford F-150 Super Crew, and know that if we ever have a similar problem in years to come, we can count on Thermagasket to give our vehicles new life. Thanks again."

R. Byrne
Marietta GA


"Thank you for all your help on my 97 caddy. When I called asking questions about your Thermagasket product, you asked me what my car was doing when it was over heating. Kirk gave me a list of things to check on my car that were know problems to cause over heating on caddys, including the converter on the exhaust system, which Kirk said may be back up with carbon, which could cause my caddy to over heat. I was in panic mode after hearing all the talk about the headgasket problems on the caddys, and went ahead and ordered the Thermagasket. Well to my surprise I had my converter checked, and that was the problem, put a new one on, and the caddy runs great, the help Kirk gave my saved me over 2000.00 dollars for a head gasket repair, and also gave me a full refund on the Thermagasket order. I can not thank you guys enough for all your help, and the money you saved me!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU THERMAGASKET"



"I just wanted you to know the rest of the story. My son purchased a 94 Subaru Impreza that I started to junk because it was overheating. I took a spark plug out of each bank and found water in the cylinders. He didn't know much about cars and didn't ask me for advice so he got taken. I started doing some research and found your product and ordered it. In the meantime we decided to try a product we found at the auto parts store. The product actually seemed to help but it didn't repair the problem. Then your product arrived and we tried it. It took about 40 minutes but it completely repaired the head gasket leaks. In the meantime I had ordered a new radiator and thermostat. I saved the liquid and put it in with the new radiator and we ran the car with the AC on high for an hour and it ran perfect. In short, your product worked. We switched back to an antifreeze mixture and everything appears fine."

Dave R Silver Spring MD


"The RxAuto Thermagasket worked as advertised. I have an 1998 Ford Expedition that was leaking water into cylinder 1. I flushed the cooling system and ran the engine for about 30 seconds with the plug removed to clear the cylinder, replaced the spark plug. Followed the directions provided from Thermagasket and almost immediately the problem was solved."

Thanks Thermagasket,
Joe Bean


"Your product is fantastic! After changing the oil/filter and flushing the cooling system eight to ten times, I filled the cooling system near full and let the engine reach normal operating temp. I then added the Thermagasket as instructed and guess what? The white smoke stopped instantly and after 15 minutes of engine running at 2000rpm, I let it idle awhile before I turned it off. Since that day I have become more and more confident that this is a treatment that actually repairs! Thank You so much! I will and already have recommended your Thermagasket to others!"



"I have been a mechanic and was very skeptical of a "miracle" product to fix head gaskets because I knew of only one way and that was tearing the whole engine apart to replace the gasket and making sure the head wasn\'t warped. I am not able to do mechanical work like I used to with my bad knees and was quoted $1100 plus to fix it so I felt I had nothing to lose when I saw the ad for Thermagasket.  It worked exactly like the instructions said it would and my work car is back on the road."

K Kirkland
Cameron, WI

"I want to thank you for all your help, you helped me through all the procedures and my head gasket still leaked. I was worried  that I had lost my money, but you sent it back without a hassle. I did need to have my heads pulled at the cost of $2800. I trust RxAuto and if I have a head go bad I will use you again. "

Thanks so much.
John F
Atascadero, CA


"Kirk, Thanks for the reply. I also would like to thank you and your staff for assisting me with my automobile problem. After I received your product, I called you immediately and you walked me thru all of the steps needed with the application of your product. You also talked to the mechanic that was doing this for me. At 1st everything seemed to be going great, but after 3-4 weeks the inevitable happened, my head gasket was at total failure. Why I was not disappointed with your product, this was an attempt to save me a lot of money. Apparently my car was beyond repairable. I immediately called you and after I explained to whomever it was I talked to on the phone you immediately offered me a FTA and a refund. You can't beat customer service like this. I would like to thank you once again for your assistance and the awesome customer service. I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. For me it just didn't work out, and I have your site as a favorite in case something like this happens to me again. This time I wont wait and listen to the so called
mechanics. The 1st symptom of failure in the cooling system, I will be ordering your product. Thanks again!"

Brian Berger
Pierre, South Dakota


" Thanks for that , very much appreciated...You have a great product and an even better customer relations ethic ..
As for a testimonial ..I have a TATA Utility . These vehicles have a BAD reputation for blowing head gaskets and when that occurs the alloy head also has to be replaced .At a cost of approx $4500 including labor. The head gasket on my vehicle started leaking at around 60000km,about the time these
seem to start leaking, I put up with it until 100000km when it became bad enough to require fixing . I found Thermagasket on a web search and thought that it was well worth a try. One treatment and I have done another 25000km with no fluid loss. And considering that on regular occasions the engine
temp goes into the red zone under heavy load the cost of a treatment with Thermagasket was a HUGE saving .The vehicle is mostly used on our farm as a workhorse so the cost of a new head would have been uneconomical so the Tata would have been sold as a wreck. If it ever leaks again I will retreat.$100 a treatment
beats $4500 anytime . Thanks Again for keeping $4400 in my pocket. I will keep some on hand from now on!"

David Way
Port Vincent South Australia


"Check received.... thank you... Thank you for standing behind your word and honoring your guarantee... That's something that is rare these days..."



"Just wanted to say It worked in my 85 ford Diesel, I have been pleaged with this head gasket problem for years and in one application your product fixed it."

Gary Meek


"I again want to thank you for a great product, my overheating problem has once again be resolved.  I would recommend this product to everyone.  I wish you all the best selling this product, but frankly speaking, it sells itself! I truly appreciate all your help and many thanks!"

Kam P.
Mississaga ON


"Thanks again for your prompt response and refund on the flush kit. Another satisfied customer. Stoked with the excellent results from your amazing product and great service. If trust is to be based on track record you have mine!"

Kind regards,
Greg Vick
Tweed Heads Australia


"Just wanted to say I used Thermagasket on my Northstar and it worked great!!!  Add another notch to yer belt! Thanx for saving me money!"



"I just wanted to take a minute to thank you guys for such an awesome product. My wife's 2001 Pontiac Grand Am overheated on her way to work because of a faulty coolant tank cap. well you know how the story goes the head gasket blew . The car has 120,000 miles on it so putting $2000.00 in the motor well it didn't seem worth it . I stumbled upon your web-site and thought what the heck lets give it a try . I followed the directions and within about 10 minutes after i poured in ThermaGasket the temperature guage went down the idle smoothed out and 25 miles later the service engine soon light went out and it runs great."

Thanks Again
John Sulouff


Thank you for your considerate and timely response to my situation.  Although your product didn't work in this situation I feel it is a very  good product and would use it again. I believe my engine was just to far  gone and
just needs replacing . Once again thank you.

M. Caselli


"After talking to a couple of mechanics and being told I would have to pay almost $2000 in repairs I started researching on the web and found Thermagasket.  I called the company and immediately got a live mechanic who answered all my questions in regards to the product.  Shipping was very fast - two days!!  I called and spoke to a mechanic while doing the process and was always treated like someone who was worth speaking to - this matters because I am a woman!  No offense but most mechanics don't treat us like we have a brain.  This company is great and has the best customer service I've ever dealt with."

Thank you


"This note is to tell you thank you. I was not sure of the product. I have worked on cars, jets, and motorcycles for over 28 years.

Your product really works. My jeep ran hot, I was having radiator problems and going to work one day the car was hot enough to shut down the engine. After i was having alot of white smoke, I had a coolant loss of about 1 gallon per week or 450 miles. As a last chance I thought I would try your product Thermagasket and wow, was I surprised, it really worked. I followed the instructions to the letter and I have been driving about 2000 miles and no coolant loss. No white smoke."

Thank you very much
Wayne Gaudin


"I have a1994 Ford Explorer  had oil leakage into my antifreeze. I called Thermagasket, ordered the product and I haven't seen any signs of oil into the antifreeze at all.
I’m very cautious on what I buy on the web or of people making claims of a mechanic in a bottle wont work. But I’m here to tell you my ford has all its power back and the antifreeze is clean as can be."

Thanks the Benoit's

"P.S. You saved us thousands of dollars it really works i can't believe it 8 weeks later still going strong!!!!!!!"


"I purchased your product for a blown head gasket on my 1996 Cutlass Cierra LS a few months ago, & it fixed the problem immediately.  This product worked just as promised. My son and I did the work on it on a Saturday afternoon, it was a fun project for a Boy and his Dad to do together, & the best thing was it worked perfectly!  I had antifreeze in the oil when I started, since then I've been able to drive the car normally and will be able to sell it with a good conscience."

Ron D.A Satisfied Customer in Fremont Ohio


"I am sending this personal testimonial to say I am still in amazement at how
wonderful this product is.
The detailed instructions were simple enough for even a lay man as myself to follow. The instructions say read it twice but I read it four or five times to be sure. This stuff repaired the headgasket leak in my son's 1996 Chevrolet Lumina 3.1 engine with water in the oil had the oil looking like milk. At first my mind was made up to sell this car and get whatever I could salvage out of it,but I remembered I had your web address I saved from two years ago from Paul Harvey radio or something like that. Anyway I am very glad I placed the order and was able to fix the head gasket leak and now my son can drive himself back to college with the assurance of knowing his car is repaired."

Satisfied Customer In LA
Shelton M.


"I called last year before Christmas when my 1995 Kenworth with a 460 HP Cummins Turbo overheated and blew a head gasket. I was about 800 miles from home! I called and spoke with a sales rep who spent quite a bit of time with me going over what led up to the problem etc. I told him I just wanted to be able to limp the truck home, he explained that the repair will be reliable so there would be no need to hurry to replace the head gasket.  You guys next day aired the kit to me in Michigan, and I found a mechanic to do the treatment process, all he could say was it will never work. As of August 1st I have clocked  90,000 miles on my truck since the repair without a hint of problems. The engine has about 350,000 miles and is running great. I keep a kit in my truck at all times just in case.

Thanks for saving me allot of time and a bunch of money, not only in the cost of the repair but the lost revenue of my truck being down."

Billy W
Omaha, NE


"I purchased your Thermagasket for my 99 Cadillac Deville. I was a bit skeptical because I had already tried some other products that didn’t help, but.Being faced with a quote of $3600.00 to replace the heads I figured why not give it 1 more try. I placed the order over the phone and the salesman I think his name was Kurt, asked me a number of questions regarding the symptoms of my vehicle. He even had us check a few things before he would take our order, he also recommended I call technical support once I received my package because as he put it "Northstars are kind of tricky to repair sometimes" The extensive knowledge the tech support rep had about my vehicle was amazing, he took the time and walked me through the process. Answered all my questions without skipping a beat over a period of 2 days. I repaired my car last October and its been running like new ever since. Your product is amazing, but your customer service and support are second to none."

Richard B
Fort Worth Texas


"My 2 older sons had a good laugh when I told them what I was doing. My '92 Toy PU, 170,000 miles displayed all the symptoms of head gasket failure, milky colored oil 3/4 up the dip stick, running hot and rough, and water disappearing  from cooling system with no apparent leaks. I figured what the heck, I'd gamble  on giving you $130 or so as opposed to several hundred bucks for a
repair job.  Following directions  as best as a non-mechanic could, ThermaGasket  has worked perfectly. No water in the oil, no overheating, no loss of cooling fluid, and it runs smoother. I do all my running around in it to save gas, at speeds up to 75 mph and trips so far of 80 miles RT.  My 2  (47 &  45)sons still run to check the oil dip stick and radiator each time they come to visit!!! (I'm keeping the oil I drained from the crankcase for anyone who wants to see...A beautiful milky off-white)"

Thanks again,

Larry A. Mathes     
Wewahitchka, Fl 


"Thank you for your product and great follow-up service. Several mechanics told me I should spend $2000 to fix the car or put the $125 toward a new one, but I took a chance and ordered your product anyway. I followed your simple instructions and called you twice just to make sure I was doing it right, and you were patient to answer my questions. 8,000 miles later, the car still runs great and I’m grateful to have saved $1900 in the process. Thank you!"



" I just wanted to say how thrilled I am with Thermagasket. I bought some last December for my 2001 Cadillac (Northstar) which had a blown head gasket. It has been running fine for the last 5,000 miles with NO overheating!
I just got the 2nd shipment in the mail yesterday. Even though my engine shows NO signs of overheating, I have been keeping a 2 gallon container of water in my trunk...just in case. I also decided to keep an emergency supply of Thermagasket in the trunk for added peace of mind. That is why I predered that 2nd shipment."

"After getting estimates in the $2400 range to repair the blown head gasket on my 97 Lexus LX450 I figured I'd give your product a try and to my absolute amazement..........IT WORKED!!!
I will recommend your product to everyone I know, my friends were in shock when I pulled up in my car the next day, no steam from the tail pipe and running smooth."

Rene Diaz
Orange County, CA


"I just wanted to say that in the beginning I was not very happy with the treatment because it didn't appear to have done anything! Then I called the tech and talked to him and he was very helpful and told me what I should do to see if anything had been fixed and low and behold it had done just what he kinda thought it done, it did fix the leak so now I am very pleased and I will be calling my mechanic just to brag that the product that he in the beginning told me it was a waste of money, did in fact work. I guess I was a none believer for a while too! But it made a believer out of me and I stand behind it. Thanks for all your help and fixing my truck for a fraction of what my mechanic was going to fix it for. "

Tony C
Janesville WI


"Without reservation, I recommend Thermagasket for leaking head gaskets. My Ford Ranger had two head gaskets seeping coolant, but they do not leak after the Thermagasket treatment. 17,000 miles and going strong. They answered the phone and talked me through the entire process... Exceptional customer service! No reservations, this is a great product with quick and personal customer service. Two of my brothers have tried it with success."


Lee Burough
Colorado Springs


"Thanks for your product Thermagasket. My daughter's 1996 Cadillac Seville had a
blown head gasket with overheating, exhaust fumes in the coolant and oil in the coolant(Radiator). Applying Thermagasket solved the problem within a few miles of driving, and she has now driven the car for eight months and several thousand miles without and problems." 

Harvey M
Beford MA


"Thanks for fixing my problem. 
I used Thermagasket on a 96 Buick Skylark with 79,000 miles that had been diagnosed at a local Chevy dealer to have a blown head gasket.  We noticed overheating and took car into dealer where they made it worse by pressure testing cooling system.  The oil looked like creamy coffee when we started the process.  This car is probably the worse case scenario to work on considering it has a transverse mounted v-6 with compressor hoses heaped on top like spaghetti.  Even more, it has no radiator cap! They gave an estimate of approximately $3,000.00! We used the product according to directions and after many oil changes, we finally got the system running clean again.  No signs of leaks or overheating at all!  My Dad had told me of his skepticism for pour-in products, but this one does require a little more active participation. It works like nothing else I've seen or heard of.  Thank you Themagasket and Kirk especially for his outstanding representation of RX Auto!"

Mark Nifong
Kahului, Hawaii


"I want to add my testimonial to the growing list of satisfied customers that have used your amazing product. My son has a 1998 Subaru Outback that overheated three times a few months ago. After attempts by several garages to diagnose the problem, and $600 later, the local Subaru dealer discovered a cracked block. We were faced with a ruined car or a $4500 repair bill for a new engine. While searching the internet for a used engine I ran across your website. After reading some of the testimonials I decided to give Thermagasket a try. I figured it was worth the $100 gamble. I received your product a few days later, followed the instructions to the letter, and lo and behold we now have our Subaru back with a savings of $4400!! Wow! What can I say other than THIS STUFF REALLY WORKS!! I'm truly amazed. What a great product! You have the best kept secret in the auto repair world! Thank you for providing such an amazing service."

Keith Durham
Mount Juliet, Tennessee


"OH MY GOD!!!! WHAT a MIRACLE product! It worked! I was SUCH a skeptic, but am now a believer...TRUE believer! I am going on to the website and brag about this product!
You ALL must have been sent by God himself!!

Dave T
East Aurora N.Y. 

"Thanks for a product that seems to do what every professional, shade-tree and amateur mechanic said was impossible."



"Dear Thermagasket Support,
Thanks you for the offer of a refund, but you don't have to do that. After working with this leaky engine for several months the good news is, the leak is finally sealed. I took an extended drive with the car and then cleaned out all the old oil residue from the water reservoir. Now after driving around for two days and there is no new oil in the coolant.
Please accept my apology for doubting that your product would work. The leak was very bad, both oil in the coolant and coolant in the oil but Thermagasket finally sealed the leaks and the engine is running cool and steady."

Thank you,
Charles J
A very satisfied customer. 

"PS My mechanic is impressed and I am sure he will look to Theragasket for repairing some leaky engines."


" Listen up, you're reading this and thinking, are these letters legit?  I thought the same thing as you, but decided to take a chance and ordered Thermagasket.  Shipping was quick and even though my leak was pretty bad, Thermagasket sealed the leak.  However after about 300 miles the leak developed again. (I guess I was one of the unlucky 1 out of 10!) 
Oh well, I called up RXAuto, explained my problem and promptly got a refund authorization! No fighting, no BS!  Bottom line is this - give it a shot, you don't have anything to lose and you might save thousands in

Tom H
Clinton, MD


"A friend of mine gave me his 1990 BMW 535 because it had a head gasket leak; oil was getting into the cooling system water and the car would boil over every 30 miles. Not wanting to spend $1,200+ to fix it, Michael Sciarra, the owner of Unique Foreign Auto Care in Wilmington, MA was nice enough to suggest that I try Thermagasket. He never tried it himself, but was curious to see whether it would work.
I installed a Prestone backwash T in one of the heater hoses, removed the thermostat and backflushed the system with Prestone Super Flush and TSP (a common degreaser). As directed, I used Part A and half of Part B and kept my fingers crossed. After a 30 mile drive and letting the car cool down overnight, I added the remainder of Part B. I didn't think it would work because, logic would have it, oil and exhaust would push back any sealant.
It's amazing when any "miracle product" works, but I'm going to suggest Themagasket to people advertising "Cars For Parts"
in The Want Advertiser, when the major problem is a blown head gasket. Of course, the cause of overheating needs to be attended to first.
I'll also recommend Thermagasket to auto repair garages. Can you imagine what heros they would be if they saved a customer $1,000 to $2,000. The referrals would more than make up for the lower revenues to the shop.
Thanks again for fixing my car."

Art D
Billerica, MA


"I purchased your product to use on my 1997 Cadillac Deville with 140,000 miles.  I checked with the dealer and was told that the cost to repair the head gasket would be between $3800.00 and $6500.00.   I read about your product online and thought I would give it a try.  I was amazed that within 10 minutes the steam was gone and the engine ran like it was brand new.  I have been driving it for over 8,000 miles and still no problems. All I can say is THANKS for  developing a product that actually works."

Jim G
Perrysburg, Ohio

Just a huge thank you. One and a half years ago I bought and tried your product. Initially I had some problems and you walked me through the reuse of the balance of  Thermagasket and you told me that I could leave it in my engine for as long as I wanted to. Well, I have not taken it out yet and my engine has been fine. Thanks for the additional product and the great advice. I would highly recommend to others to try your product. I wish you made something that would remove carbon build up from a 2003 Mercedes C230.

Thanks again,
Jay Belt


Hello Kirk,

Thanks for helping me believe in my ability to repair my own car.  Seems mechanics are out to gouge the women sometimes.  If you ever want golf  lessons or a match, I'd be happy to assist. I'm a tournament playing with a scratch handicap.Oh, tell Dave he is fantastic!

Jennifer McDonnell
"Princess of the Greens"
2.5 Subaru Boxer Engines


"I am a 53 year old woman and just could not afford the $750 bill I was quoted for a new head gasket. I found your product online and decided I would rather be out $99 on my '89 Plymouth Voyager than junk it right off. I flushed the radiator several times as it had just been replaced and new anti-freeze put in. Then I followed the instructions I had received from Thermagasket. It took about 15 mins or more to start slowing down the steam from the tailpipe but then it was like a MIRACLE and zoom the steam was gone. I am IMPRESSED and AMAZED with this product. Every mechanic and man I knew advised against trying this product, they had never heard of such a thing. Thank the Goddess I did not listen to them but tried it anyway. I had nothing to lose and now I have my old van back on the road. If I can use this product successfully anyone can. THANK YOU!!!"

Patricia C.
Jacksonville, Florida


"I have a 1965 Case Trackloader and I pulled the head to replace the leaking head gasket before I found out about Thermagasket and that’s when I discovered my block was cracked from end to end. The engine was blowing exhaust out the top of the radiator and wouldn't hold water for more than 15 minutes or so before it had most of the water blown out. It also had lots of compression leaking into the oil system due to the cracks and had water in the oil pretty bad too. I spoke with you on the phone describing the severe problem I "had" with my 4 cylinder diesel in my bulldozer and the fact that the block was split from one end to the other between each sleeve. After our phone conversation you said that you thought it would still fix the problem even though it was broken so severely, and it did!!!!! The first thing that was repaired were the leaks into the oil system. Within an hour or two of running the engine, all the traces of water were gone from the oil pan. Then the compression and exhaust stopped blowing water out the top of the radiator, the miss went away and I saved about $3000.00 compared to buying another diesel engine for my loader. Finding an engine for something that old would be the biggest challenge. Hopefully the repair will last a long time but even if it doesn't, I'll buy some more Thermagasket and add it in. I can buy a lot of Thermagasket before I reach the cost of a new or used engine and I'm amazed you said you would stand behind your warranty if it didn't repair the cracks in the block and it did 100%. You made a believer out of me and I just purchased some more today for a friends Ford Ranger with a cracked head. After describing my problem and the fix for it, my friend just had to have some and try it. Thanks for a great product that really does what the manufacture says it will do. Keep up the good work."

Brian N
Greencastle, Pennsylvania


"I own a 1987 Toyota Pick-Up, that have given my family great service over the years. Recently, it started to run HOT after driving only a couple of miles, I had it check out and found that my Head gasket was blown or I had a hairline cracked on the block. That wasn't the bad news, the bad news was the $650.00 - $1,000.00 quotes I would receive from Auto Mechanics for the repair. The vehicle is 18 yeas old and has over 145,000 mile. I don't think Kelly Blue Book would put a value on trade or resell value on it.

Being a Saved Man, I put my trust in God, follow his divined guidance. I was lead to purchase your product (Thermagasket) and follow the instructions. Within, 10 to 15 minutes, my vehicle was running like new. The Thermostat was sitting right where it should, so I put it to a road test and took the truck for a run; a long run, over 125 mile with only water and your Miracles product "Thermagasket".

I live in the Mid-west and during this time of year the mornings are very cold; I flushed the Thermagasket completely out as instructed, as refilled the Radiator with 50/50 Antifreeze. My truck start every morning, without failure...I am still driving and your Thermagasket is still holding.

Thank you for a great product and a huge saving!!!"

C.A. Appling
Belleville, Illinois
A Satisfied Customer


"This Thermagasket is a great product!! My husband and I had bought a 1995 Windstar from a neighbor they had told us that the van had ran hot and was having water coming out of the tail pipe. Our neighbor had told us that it was a head gasket. We bought the van thinking that we could fix it our self. Then a friend of my husband had read an article about Thermagasket and told us that he thought that it was a good product even thou he had not use it him self. So we talk about it and read about it on line. We decided that we would order it. The product did exactly what it said it would do. We have recommend it to our friends and neighbors. Thermagasket works great and drive our van every where, with no problems. Thank You Thermagasket!!"

Robert and Sandy Valdosta


"To Whom it may Concern; I wanted to thank you for a product that actually works like you say that it does.I used Thermagasket in a 1998 Ford Windstar with 152,000 miles on it,with a blown head gasket .I was very careful to follow your directions to the letter, I left the Thermagasket in the engine for about 300 miles. After draining it out, I was so confident in how well Thermagasket worked that I drove the Windstar last week up to Chicago and back and it ran great, my "Service Engine Light” even went off. To date the van has 1288 miles on it since treatment and is running great or as well as a Ford can be expected to run. I would also like to personally thank Curt or Kirk for all his help and expertise during the tech support calls that I made. You have a good product, that is well worth the money when you consider the alternative. I would highly recommend you Thermagasket to anyone, and already have to a few people I know, who have asked me how I got my van running."

Bill Nelson


"Thanks Again.... I called you guys because my Northstar had an overheating problem and my local mechanic told me it must have a blown head gasket because of the process of elimination with MY MONEY NEW RADIATOR, WATER PUMP TO THE TUNE OF $1100.00 The car was still overheating. I called you to order and you spent the time (Approx 45 Minutes) explaining to me how these cars are notorious for holding air in the block as well as a line in the intake plugging up. We cleared the line like you explained and purged the cooling system like you explained..... NO MORE OVERHEATING.... I have enclosed a $100.00 Bill for your time even though it was worth far more! I will scream from the highest mountains how good of service you guys offer."

Thanks Again
William T
Albuquerque NM


"Just wanted to drop you a line to tell you even though the Thermagasket couldnt repair my car Thank You, you spent the time explaining everything to me and walking me through the process. Then promptly refunded my money when the repair did not work."

Charles R

"P.S. The engine block had a crack in the cylinder wall, we ended up having to
have a new engine installed."

"Like most folks I had my doubts. Nevertheless I thought to myself, what the heck. I've spent more money on less important things. Let's give it a try. To make a long story short, I followed the directions EXACTLY as stated. 2 hours later, I am driving my car like it's brand new. Finally a product that does what it promises. Thanks folks. You saved me $1500!!!!"

Kevin Garnier

"PS. If anyone doesn't believe your product works, have them contact me. I will
convince them."


"Back in Feb. 05, after getting home from a short trip to the store I smelled that hot anti freeze smell coming from my 1989 Volvo 760 turbo wagon although the temp gauge was in the normal range. On opening the hood I noticed two different streams of liquid coming from the engine area. At first I thought it was a bad hose but after a mechanical friend took a look at it he said they were coming out of a bad head gasket. Estimates to fix were for more than what I paid for the car so I figured I'd part it out. Than I saw your product on the internet and after quizzing Kirk a couple of times especially about the refund policy (did I tell you I didn't think it would work) and getting the feeling that he was honest, I decided to order it. It took about a month until my friend had the time to flush out the car and use it and all that time he said "the leaks are too large, it'll never work", but as soon as he poured it in the leaks stopped. I've now driven the car about 600 miles without a leak or problem---OH HAPPY DAY! My friend is still a bit skeptical and not sure if it will last but he's also telling me to be on the look out for a nice car being sold real cheap because of a bad gasket that he can repair with ThermaGasket and then sell at a nice profit. Thanks for a great product."

Steve K
Los Angeles, CA


"In Nov. 2006 we used Thermagasket in our 1998 Grand Caravan with 169K miles. We had noticed a hot antifreeze odor, although there was no obvious leak. Our mechanic said it needed an engine rebuild - at over $3000! We did some web research and decided to try Thermagasket. We did this on a Saturday and got immediate (and unexpected!) phone help when something was unclear. We followed all the directions and it fixed our problem! Six months later when we brought the van in for another reason the mechanic asked what we had done because he noticed it wasn't leaking anymore. We've driven 16K miles in the 10+ months since then."

Gulf Coast, AL


"I just wanted to say thanks, I recently purchased your product due to a blown head gasket on my 1994 Toyota V6 pickup with 172,250 miles on the odometer. After getting several estimates that would cost more money than the truck is worth, I decided to try your product, I followed the directions and since the treatment have had no problems. In fact, the day I repaired the vehicle I drove it home and got caught in heavy traffic on I-15, the truck did not smoke or overheat and now runs better than ever. I can't thank you enough for a great product and the money it saved me." Regards,


Great.... went to tech support and was very helpful. I was really surprised to see a online company that was very professional. Thanks to all of you.

Johnny P
Stillwater OK

"You guys have saved my life and the life of my "Baby" ( 95 Ford Thunderbird ). My car has been sitting in my garage for over a year with sever head gasket damage with over 60% water in the crankcase. I researched your company and product for over 3 months and couldn't find one true complaint. I took the leap and purchased your product and right now after driven 200 mile all in one day, my "Baby" runs better then it has in a while. I followed your directions and even had two people read them also as I was working on it too make certain that I was following them exactly. My oil was so thick it took 1+ hours to drain. I had changed the oil 3 times prior to treatment just to make certain that all of the grunge was out of the crankcase. I also had to flush the raditor 13 times ( Yes I said 13 times ). After 100 miles, I changed the oil, AGAIN and then changed all my plugs ( V8 4.6 = 8 Spark plugs ). I measured out the old oil to see if any water had entered the crankcase and there was none. I got out what oil I had put in, NO MORE THEN THAT. I have already told about 15 people including, employees at Auto Zone (who were amazed) and the the auto department manager at Wal-Mart were I took my used oil to before the Treatment began and he saw what my oil look like at first and then after the treatment. He asked for your information right away. He was blown away. If you want a distributor here in Ohio I would be honored. Again thanks again for a great product."

Yours Truly,
Robert P
Mount Vernon, Ohio


"Hello, I have a 1994 4Runner that had a major head gasket failure( blowing antifreeze out of tailpipe, etc..) I went to local Toyota dealer & found out gaskets were replaced by original owner in 1995 under recall. Cost to repair again $1400 +..One of the mechanics jokingly recommended buying some "Head gasket in a can" if I felt the repair cost was excessive.. Well, I went home & found your website through a Google search , ordered & applied Thermagasket as instructed & 2800 miles later I must say " IT WORKS !!!!! Cost of Thermagasket -$100 Cost of misc.(oil, filter, plugs, antifreeze) $30..Look on Toyota mechanic’s face when I returned to the shop in the 4Runner 3 days later..PRICELESS !


I love you more than you will ever know! I went from having a scrap heap van to having a gem again. I had a bad head gasket that would have cost more to repair than my '92 Dodge Caravan was worth and was about to give up on it when I took a final search on the web and found your site. I was worried at first after I had finished the treatment because I seemed to develop an oil leak that had never existed before. I made sure I was good on oil and ran it for 50 miles and even the new leak sealed itself! Thank you so much. It worked exactly as advertised and saved not just my van, but my sanity as well. Anyone can call me if they doubt your product: xxx-xxx-xxxx. THANK YOU!!!!"

Brian C
Anchorage, AK


"I have a 1997 F-150 with 147,000 miles and it looks brand new, I have really taken good care of it. Recently the thermostat stuck, caused it to over heat and blow a head gasket. After researching I discovered that it would cost in the neighborhood of $ 2200.00 to do the heads and/or $3000.00 or so to put a re-manufactured engine in it. It has been years since I looked at any stop leak or chemicals such as that so I went online and Thermagasket was the first site that popped up. I called, they assured me that it would work if I followed the process. I quite honestly didn’t have anything to lose. I mean $99 bucks verses $3000.00, easy enough math for me! They shipped it right out to me, I followed the process to the letter and in ten minutes and 20 miles the problem was solved! I pulled the plug on the cylinder that was missing and it was bone dry. I cleaned it, put it back in and the truck runs like its brand new! This product got me through when I needed it most as I am sure there are plenty of you out there that just do not have $3000.00 bucks to toss away on the spur of the moment. I would recommend it to anyone with out hesitation. I will look anyone dead in the eye and stand by the fact that it Totally worked for me."

Danny W.


"Great Product. Thank You so much for making a quality product!!!!!!!! I can't tell you how great it is to have something that actually works. I used your product in my 96 Rodeo and after about 12 min the steam started to clear and I drove the car for about 26 miles. Now everything works perfect."

Issaquah, WA


"I had to send you guys an email letting you know how grateful I am. I, along with all of my friends and family was doubting the product but it has worked perfectly. I have a 1994 Saturn with oil in the water. The car has 189K miles and not only did the Thermagasket repair the problem but the car no longer burns oil. Thanks for a great product and excellent support. You guys rock!"

Jay Downey
Chicago, IL


"We saw your ad in Used Car News, though being skeptical because of the results we have experienced with other products claiming to repair head gaskets in the past we decided to give you guys a try. We had our in house mechanic call you and were impressed with the knowledge of your staff, we bought the Thermagasket and repaired a Pontiac Quad 4 that had water in the oil and quite of bit of water coming from the tailpipe. We then purchased again to repair a Dodge 350 Diesel with a crack in the block. With your tech supports help we were able to get this easily repaired. You now have a customer for life!"

Thanks Again
Kelly W
Kellys Kar Sales


"It took awhile, but I am finally a believer in Thermgasket, and amazingly, so is my mechanic. Our 1998 Ford Expedition severely overheated a year ago when my wife drove it on a long trip by herself. The heater core blew, and she didn't know what to do, so she just kept driving until she found an exit with a Ford dealership in Tennessee. She left the vehicle, got a rental and finished her trip to Illinois, and picked it up on the way back to Atlanta. The dealership replaced the heater core, and everything was fine - for awhile. It didn't take long for the warped head to spring a serious leak, which we first tried to fix with xxxx xxxx. That worked for a month or so, but never really fixed the problem. Our mechanic gave us the bad news - junk the truck or pop for the $2,800 major engine repairs.

Then I ran across Thermagasket on the internet. I decided to chance the $100 and give it a try, over the strenuous objection of our very trusted mechanic. I even had him do the flush and Thermagasket treatment so it would be done correctly. That was early February, and it's now mid-April and 8,000 miles later. And not a hint of a leak ever since. The Expedition just turned 140,000 miles, and still runs great. It just made the round trip from Atlanta to Miami last week, and ran like a top. Our mechanic checks it every time we bring it in for an oil change, and just shakes his head in continued disbelief.

Your product saved us at least $2,800 in a major engine repair. Even if it craps out on us tomorrow (which I'm certain it won't), it was still worth every penny. Thank you!"

R. G. Byrne
Marietta GA


"Just a quick note in follow up to my previously submitted testimonial, that we just sold our 1998 Ford Expedition after driving over 30,000 miles after using Thermagasket with no problems whatsoever, and got $3,700 MORE for it in trade than Kelly or Edmunds suggested we'd get. The dealer said the SUV ran great, and was in superb condition for it's age and mileage (141,000 miles). We are still very grateful for your product having both saved us a huge repair bill last year, and for the great trade in value the vehicle retained as a result of the Thermagasket treatment. We now have a brand new Ford F-150 Super Crew, and know that if we ever have a similar problem in years to come, we can count on Thermagasket to give our vehicles new life. Thanks again."

R. Byrne
Marietta GA


"I can say is WOW. As a former owner of a smog station and auto repair shop for almost 10 years in Sacramento and a car dealer for longer than that I can almost assure you that I was your biggest skeptic. As of right now the thermagasket product is a perfect 4 for 4 including: 96 caddy DeVille Northstar engine, 94 Seville Northsar, 98 Chevy cavalier and a 96 Mazda Millennia S. The most unbelievable one was the 96 Northstar where water actually poured out of the oil pan (i drained 15 quarts out of the oil pan) and smoked more than a national boy scouts convention learning how to make fire and send up smoke signals but after 15 minutes the car 100% sealed up and now not smoking, overheating, missing and no apparent breach in the system at all. THANKS KIRK



"I got a deal on a clean 3.0L Taurus because it had water in the oil. When I started the car it had a small mist of white steam. When I got it home steam was belching from the exhaust. And water was pouring from the tailpipe. And it had a dead miss. I thought to myself, what a POS I just bought! Block sealer was out of the question, I decided. So I was researching gasket sets when I saw ThermaGasket advertised from an automotive forum. This stuff worked just exactly like you said it would. I added the mix and I sat in the car and revved the motor as the car fully warmed up. The cloud of steam got smaller and smaller in my rear view mirror. I had to get out of the car so I could continue to watch it shrink, then quit altogether. Like magic! I put some of the cleaner in the fuel. The miss is gone and the car runs great. Your claims are true. I want to thank you for a great product."

Patrick S.
Fort Worth TX


"Being a former ASE certified 'master' mechanic I have to say That I had my doubts that thermagasket would work as advertised. After all the only way I knew how to fix a head gasket was the "old fashioned" way. But I figured what do I have to lose except possibly 3 days of labor pulling a head redoing the vales/piston rings etc., etc. like your supposed to do when you pull a head. So I bought this to put into a 1987 Ford Bronco 2 with the 2.9 Liter 6 ( yes typical problem for this motor is head gaskets) Used it February 2nd in Colorado..since it is recommended the product stay in for 400 miles I took a little drive ( did I say Little??? LOL) When I got back I drained and flushed the radiator and re-added the coolant... vehicle does not have any further problems with the head gasket at all. Thank you RX auto for saving me 3 days of labor and about 500 bucks for a engine kit...."

D Schultz


"Seeing is believing and Thermagasket made a believer out of me! My wife's 1993 Pontiac Grand Am was overheating. I found steam coming from the exhaust. Faced with a repair bill that outweighed the price of the car, I was prepared to sell the car for scrap and look for another car; a scenario that we simply could not afford. A friend had mentioned your product and suggested that I check it out. I went online and started to investigate. Being very skeptical, I reluctantly ordered the Thermagasket treatment thinking its a gamble. After the treatment arrived I followed the instructions and was truly amazed to see the steam coming from the exhaust disappear! I continued to follow the instructions and replace the oil and spark plugs. Now the car is running better than I ever remember it running. My wife and I are very pleased. I would recommend your product to anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation as ours."

William M
Higley AZ


"I just had to write to let you know how satisfied I am with Thermagasket. I have a '91 Thunderbird with a 3.8 engine. The head gaskets typically go bad on these. I tore down the engine, replaced the gaskets, had the head checked and reassembled the motor. I still had coolant coming out the exhaust. I took it back apart and the lower intake gaskets were water soaked. I replaced these and put it back together again. Same thing, coolant from the tail pipe. I bought you product and followed the directions. Within 15 minutes the steam had stopped and the dripping from the muffler ended. I tried other stop leak products with disappointing results. Once again, truly amazing product."

Jeff H.


"I must say that this product ( Thermagasket ) is truly amazing, I have a 1991 Ford explorer with 177k miles and the head gasket had gone bad, my truck was smoking real bad, over heating, and drinking Anti-freeze as if I had no radiator, faced with the options of replacing the engine with a new $2,800 dollar one, or a used one for $695 plus $500 dollars to install it, I was between a hard and a much harder place........until I read about Thermagasket on the internet. I was skeptical about ordering the product cause as it goes if it's to good to be true it normally is, but I ordered it anyway what did I have to lose......$100 dollars. I received the product very promptly, did everything according to the instructions, and what happened, everything they said my truck is repaired, I was truly amazed. This is a real and honest testimony if you don't believe it call me 412-867-0330."

Delrico P
Pittsburgh PA


"Aloha from Hawaii. I have a 98 Explorer with just under a 100K miles on it which unfortunately blew out a freeze plug on the freeway which caused the head gasket(s) to blow. Being a former professional heavy equipment mechanic, I must admit that I was veeeeery skeptical about trying your product. But I thought, hey the worse that could happen is that I'd be out a hundred or so bucks and still have to do the heads - so why not? My son and I followed your instructions to the letter and 400 plus miles later it's still going strong. Thank you very much for a quality product that delivers as advertised. You saved us a bunch of work and we were able to get the little truck running again for about half the price of just gaskets alone. I'd rather flush a radiator than pull a set of heads any day!"

Pierre L


"It worked! My wife came home with the 1989 Toyota Cressida, 135,000 miles on it, shuddering and white smoke puffing out the exhaust. It was August in Orlando, Florida with about 95 degree temp. She claimed the check engine light, and temp gauge never went hot. I popped the hood and water was boiling in the overflow tank, and a sound like a chugging was emitting from the exhaust. Oil looked normal, so figured I'd give this stuff a try, since head gaskets repair was probably the value of the car. Drained radiator per directions, added Thermagasket mix, and rev'd the engine to 3,000 rpm until the white smoke stopped. Drove the car on the highway for 20 minutes, and low and behold! It purr's like a new car. Everything is back to normal! Don't know how long the fix will last, but I'll let you know. She drives 8 miles to work, and 8 miles home 5 days a week. So time will tell."

Art L.
Orlando, Florida


"I had received a call from Kirk last night, and he told me the good news! Thanks so much for your assistance and great customer service. It is rare these days to find a company that goes out of its way to please its customers. Please pass on my thanks to whomever is responsible for the great service. I am looking forward to using your product this weekend on my son's 1991 Acura Legend. I'll get back with you Monday and let you know how it turned out. Have a very safe New Year's weekend!"

Russell W


"Just ordered another pack from you, the first one worked on a 1997 Toyota Carina, it just took about 400 miles to work, now the car uses no coolant at all, before it was almost undriveable because of coolant loss and subsequent overheating, we purchased it for just £300 and now its market value is about £2000. thanks for a great product."

Take care


"I installed your product this weekend and was looking at your website today. The product seems to have improved the situation. I have driven a total of about 60 miles without a problem. No erratic temperature, steam from the exhaust, etc. Before the treatment I couldn't go more than 5 miles without problems. The vehicle is a 1989 Dodge Caravan with a 3 liter V6."

Hansen R


"I used the product and in 5 minutes the steam stopped. It now has 350 miles and is running like new. Thanks again."

Bill W


"I drive a 1993 Plymouth Colt. I heard water boiling in the radiator overflow container upon driving into my driveway one night.after removing the thermostat, confirming no radiator hose or water pump leaks, and having the radiator checked, I decided to try the treatment as the car's value is not worth much more than the cost of a professional head gasket repair job. Unfortunately the treatment did not solve my problem. Maybe the damage was too extensive. What I can say is that RX Auto responded quickly and professionally to every question I had about the response of my car during and after treatment. I was courteously guided through additional things to check and do on my vehicle. I felt like rx Auto was treating their own vehicle, and the guarantee was honored promptly and cheerfully! well worth the effort."

El Cajon, CA.


"Thanks for all the help, my 1993 AstroVan was steaming and leaking water from the tailpipe. After taking your recommendations and checking the cooling system, changing the radiator cap and thermostat we put the product in per your instructions. Within 10 minutes the steam stopped and the engine idle evened out. We now have 2500 miles since the repair and its still running great ( The vehicle has 234,000 miles on it ) !!!!

Thank You Thank You Thank You For saving me from buying a new engine!"

Klein W PA


"Wow...That's all I can say this stuff is amazing, we tried 2 other products from the auto store with no luck. Thermagasket sealed it right up, we changed the oil and plugs after the treatment and it now purrs like a kitten.... The crankcase cleaner instantly quieted the noisy tapping sounds from the engine!"

Don H
1992 Ford Winstar


"At our shop we see a lot of customers that just can’t afford to have a head gasket repair done on their vehicle. Thermagasket gives us an affordable alternative, not to mention we can usually get their car done in less than a day!"

Altons Performance
Santa Rosa CA


"I have repaired approximately 50 vehicles with Thermagasket. This product works and works quickly. Being a mobile mechanic and working at the customers location, I need to be able to get in, get the car repaired, and gone Quickly without a lot of hassle and mess. I use to turn down head gasket jobs ! But not anymore! Thanks."

Big Ds Automotive
Concord CA


“To whom it may concern,

I purchased your product a few weeks back now and have just finished putting into my car, and I’m very pleased to say that it has worked, been 5 days now and 200 miles and not a drop of water leaking, my car had water pouring through the engine at high pressure through a small whole between where the top and bottom of the engine meet i put the product in and I’m very glad to say it has stopped the water leaking, the heating has got hot again and the pressure is at normal.
I was quoted at £700 (British) for replacing a new head gasket it worked out at £100 for the product saving me £600. Just after Christmas too, I’m over the moon with Thermogasket. I followed your instructions too a tee so i could get it as effective as possible. i put the product in through the radiator then 15 minutes later there was a slight exit of the product through the whole then it went rock hard and then everything returned to normal. I had people telling me it wouldn't work but now it has they are astonished.”

Many thanks once again.
Mr. Chris Stacey


I have got to admit to being a bit skeptical when I ordered Thermagasket but compared to the £800+ estimated for the repairs to my cylinder head £100 seemed like a good gamble so I drained and flushed the cooling system poured, in the treatment and waited for the white smoke to stop, 15 minutes later the smoke stopped so the next check was to see if oil was still blowing out of the head gasket. It wasn't blowing but did have a slight drip so I drove around for an hour or so still expecting the worse but when I got back the drip had stopped. It is winter in the UK and very cold so I could only leave the Thermagasket in for 100 miles but it seems to have done the trick. I am not keeping the car so I will not know how long it will last but it has definitely worked I am getting a range rover so I will probably need Thermagasket again (cylinder heads are a common problem on range rovers).
The one thing I will do differently is disconnect the heater core while the treatment is in the car as I did manage to block the Volvo heater up, probably my fault as Thermagasket reacts with antifreeze and I think that there was still some in the heater. But all in all not a bad product definitely saved me some money.”

J Kay
United Kingdom


“Just wanted to let you know I received my refund this morning..
I am a skeptic and didn’t really believe I would get my money back if it didn’t work, but with your company it was no hassle, I faxed my receipt to you on Friday, got a phone call that evening saying my refund had been processed and on Monday morning my account was credited. I would recommend your company to everyone it was worth a shot to save my vehicle.”

Patricia G
West Yarmouth MA


“I used your product, my mechanic said it was a joke. the dealer lied about my problem, I finally found out that there was a service bulletin on my 03 avalanche about the heads no being machined properly and the fix was 2500 for new heads the old ones cant be repaired.. this engine had over 100k I used RX and have had no coolant loss or overheating since and that has been 50k miles..thanks guys!”



“Hi guys I have a 89 Chevy with a 350 with 279k miles. It's a work truck and we blew a head gasket. Being a van would make the repair very hard to get to thus expensive I tried you product today as a last ditch effort to save my van. It worked just like you said.Thanks.”

Mike N
Moab, Utah


“I bought a 1995 BMW 325is with 105,000 miles on it for a good price because coolant was indeed getting into the combustion chamber and motor oil I . replaced the head gasket in my garage, but when I put the motor back together I found that the cylinder head ended up being cracked. So I searched around the internet for prices on a used one but having only spent $500 dollars on the car I wasn't prepared to spend $1000 for a used head. I came across Thermagasket while searching and decided to give it a try. So after putting a little bit more time into the car by thoroughly flushing the cooling system, I ran Thermagasket through my cooling system. Within 15 minutes the car running perfectly. Since I fixed the car in August of 2005, I have driven cross country, New Jersey to Phoenix, with the car back and forth twice. I have a put a total of 25,000 miles on the repaired motor. Car still runs great. I highly recommend this product to anyone.”

Toms River, NJ


“I have an '87 Toyota p.u. that was leaking water into 3 cylinders and into the pan. I stumbled onto an article from RX Auto about their Thermagasket, and really thought it was just another snake oil deal but the more I thought about the job that layed ahead of me, the better it looked so I finally talked myself into trying it, and boy what a great move that was. I was careful to prep the job just like they said, and then,still doubting, mixed up the solution started the engine and poured it in the radiator, and in less than a minute it started idleing smoother and the steam stopped. I finished up according to directions and have about 150 miles on it, and it is still running as good as it ever has. I am still amazed and have no doubt that it will continue on the same. This is, without a doubt the fastest and easiest cracked head I have ever dealt with since I started repairing cars.

Congratulations on this product and thank-you very much.“

Ron Simpson

P.S.: I'm going to order another bottle and keep it on the shelf in case another job like this comes along.”


“Dear Thermagasket,

Like most folks I had my doubts. Nevertheless I thought to myself, what the heck. I've spent more money on less important things. Let's give it a try. To make a long story short, I followed the directions EXACTLY as stated. I am driving my car like it's brand new. Finally a product that does what it promises. Thanks folks. You saved me $1500!!!!”

Kevin Garnier

P.S.: If anyone doesn't believe your product works, have them contact me. I will convince them.”


“Thanks for returning my call and explaining the process in detail. As you know I was very skeptical. I went to Cactus Auto in Livermore and had Larry perform the Thermagasket "miracle". My 1997 Ford Aerostar van 4.0 engine had leaking heads, no power, missing when accelerating, and was steaming out of the exhaust pipe. It would have cost me $3,000 to replace the heads because the engine has to be removed, or $4,500 for a rebuilt engine. The van is only blue booked at $4,000.Larry vacuumed and flushed my system three times to remove the radiator stop leak that really didn't work at all. He removed the thermostat and found it was frozen and the radiator temperature sending unit was reading very low.
The main reason for the overheating and head gasket leaks.He filled the radiator with clean water and added the mixed Thermogasket miracle cure. I held the engine at high revs and white steam was billowing out both sides of my engine block. In just three minutes it stopped steaming completely, then the missing stopped, and the engine smoothed out.”
“WOW! Larry told me to take a drive up and over the brutal Altamont Pass to force the Thermagasket material to penetrate even more. My van flew over the pass with no hesitation with the same power I vaguely remember when the van was new. It accelerated like a new engine and the transmission shifted smoother because the Throttle Position Sensor was where it should be when the engine is burning gas more efficiently. It is like a new engine. I have a friend who owns a 1997 Ford Explorer with the same engine and will highly recommend this procedure to her.

Once again, thanks for creating a product that really does what is claims.”

Robert A


"To whom it may concern:
While your product may not fix the oil leak that I have, I would like to thank all for your rapid responses, truthfulness and above all asking the right questions leading to a final answer the serves each party
accordingly. If you continue to practice this type of customer service I suspect RX AUTO will be a fore runner in the automotive industry for years to come. Thanks again for your outstanding customer support."

Paul Turnbow
Flint Group NA
Technical Service Manager


Thanks. The motor seems to be running OK on all 4 cylinders and we are about to put in the second half of container B.  God knows how it works but our local mechanic thought we were wasting both time & money even trying Thermogasket out.There now appears to be no blowback through the radiator but we will keep a close eye on the temperature when we give the van a run as instructed.

Kind Regards
Max Beauchamp


Hi Kirk just want to say my car is running just fine motor is just like it was before. I still don't understand it but its fixed. Saved me about $1500 dollars or I was thinking about junking it so I want to think you got some great stuff there. Every one said I was just throwing my money away and now they said wow that stuff works.

Thank You


Just to let you know, this product is something else!!! Solved my problem almost at once. Absolutley delighted. You have a new customer for life! Shall be getting more of Thermagasket. Many thanks and keep up the good work!

Kevin Cullis
England. United Kingdom

Dear sirs,

I have a d466 international diseil truck that had a huge amount of water getting in the oil.I took it to a repair shop where it sat for 2 weeks before I decided to put a head gasket on myself because they had not touched it.Well the head gasket looked fine and I couldn't see any cracks anywhere so I decided to try your product. Well the news is good.I was at an advantage because the system hadn't had any antifreeze in it for months. In fact there was so much clear water in the pan that I would drain out each morning that it looked like you could drink it.( I didn't though) Anyway it just about quit steaming that first day and after the second treatment the engine has nothing coming out of the blowby tube but a little blowby.

Many thanks,
Mike Labriola


One of the  cars I have is a 1994 Explorer.  We bought it about 8 years ago with 80,000 miles on her.  Right now she's got 165,000.  Over the last 2 years we replaced the front axle, all of the front suspension and the transmission amoung other repairs.  So when she started spewing coolant at the rear of the block and tranny we were reluctant to let her go.
My teenage daughter was using this as a daily driver and she fell in love with it.  I took it to one mechanic and he said it's hard to say exactly where the leak is being that it's so cramped in the engine compartment.  His suggestion?  For the same amount of $$ in labor as a head gasket, I could buy a replacment engine(used).   Price?  $2,200, and you know the ending bill would most likely be more like $3,000 after they start breaking stuff.      I said forget it, let her die.
A couple weeks pass and the car sits in my driveway.  I decide to take it to a Ford dealer for a second opinion.  They said the same, can't really say where the leak originates.  It's coming from the rear of the engine somewhere.  Could be a head gasket, could be a freeze plug between the engine & tranny.  They wanted to remove the tranny first to take a look-see.  How much for this look-see?  $550.   Then I still might not know the source of the problem.  I said skip it, let her die.
Brought the car home and she sat a few more weeks in the driveway.  I was searching other forums and ran accross this stuff called "Thermagasket."  Specifically supposed to seal head gasket leaks.  Definetly sold as a last resort for cars in my category, high milage, one tire in the scrap yard etc.  A last ditch effort to save her at the lowest possible price.  I wasn't positive that it was a head gasket leak because I had no coolant mixed in the oil.
It's not cheap @ $120 but I figured it was worth one last shot at survival.  If it didn't work, I was going to have her towed away.
Well it was warm enough out 2 weeks ago to do the coolant drain & swap.  I used your winter directions, drain the coolant, fill with water, drain, flush, get all the coolant out because this stuff isn't compatible with antifreeze.
Short story long...I put Thermagasket in and followed your breakin process.  Now keep in mind that before adding Thermagasket, as soon as I started the engine, coolant would begin to leak, at a pretty good rate too.
Thermagasket was amazing.  There wasn't one drop of coolant that spilled on my driveway or street.  I simply added Thermagasket as directed,  drove 30 miles, stop let her cool....  repeat X 3.  then drain & flush completely.  Refill radiator with coolant.  That was about 2 weeks ago and almost 1,000 miles.  >From the moment I added the Thermagasket there are absolutely NO leaks.   I'm not sure how long it will last but it saved me from a $2,000 garage bill.

Thank you for a great product, one that works.

Len A
Allison Park, PA


"Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!  Hi guys,  I purchased your product in Feb 2006 and I've driven over 500 miles and still going.  I didn't do a very good job getting all of the antifreeze out (as stressed ) but it still worked and the temp. has remained consistent at 206 degrees.  For the price of your product I told myself that if it didn't work I wasn't going to ask for a refund because for one I didn't flush the system thoroughly nor did I replace the radiator with over one hundred thousand miles as stated in the manual.  My car has 133000 miles on it.  $115 is nothing compared to the other route.  I know I should unload it but I'm going to drive it in the hole.  Which brings me to a question.  If it goes again can I put your product in again?  Although I don't want to drop any major money in it I had my brakes fixed last week because as I stated I'm going to drive the hec out of it.  I have passed on information about your product to others with high respect.  Thanks again for saving me literally thousands of dollars and giving my truck a break!"

Shawn D
Fremont N



Well I translated the instructions into Spanish (that was the hard bit). I picked my car up yesterday after the local garage applied the treatment and after two hour-plus drives over two days it looks like it worked! They said they want to see it again tomorrow just to check all is well. But it doesn't eat water anymore, the misfire has gone and it's running really well. I'm glad I appear to be in the lucky 93%...  Hopefully now my '92 Citroen XM will keep going for a few more years yet.
I'll mention your product on the XM newsgroup as I heard one owner saying recently he was scrapping his car after the head gasket blew.

Pic of car attached - another old "scrappy-dodger" saved!




I cannot tell you how happy I am to have found your product.  You completely solved the blown head gasket problem on my 1989 Honda Civic and it drives good as new.  Being a single mom with a son in Iraq (it's expensive to send care packages!!), I am certainly on money constraints so using this product was my last chance at saving this car.

Needless to say, I was skeptical, but you certainly made a believer out of me.  I have driven the car for two months now and it is running just fine!!  Now I'm planning to buy a cheap minivan with a cracked head and I'm going to use Thermagasket again!!

Thanks again for a reasonable solution to an impossibly expensive automobile problem!!!

Michele Jones
Regional Account Manager
Workstream, Inc.


My name is Zoran from Rochester MN, just want to say thank you for your help to fix my van.

I did everything like you said and my van is working fine.

God bless you!!!