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With Thermagasket WE GUARANTEE that you will repair your vehicle and have it back on the road for a fraction of the cost of a conventional repair - OR WE’LL REFUND YOUR MONEY! (Less shipping charges.)

Thermagasket is the leader in High Performance Thermal Head Gasket Repair with an incredible 94% success rate.

If you're looking for the Best Engineered, Strongest Head Gasket Repair available, you have come to the right website.

What is Thermagasket?

Thermagasket is a state-of-the-art, 2 part Elemental Carbon Metallic Alloy Repair System.

Thermagasket will in no way clog, plug or damage your cooling system, the particulates in Thermagasket give the repair extreme shear strength to withstand the extreme heat and pressure fluctuations of any internal combustion engine...Guaranteed!

The Thermagasket repair is performed with the vehicle under a load and the repair is accomplished under the same conditions as the vehicle will be driven

Don't be lied to: When other companies try to tell you they have "specially formulated products for your specific vehicle", this is a marketing gimmick, the product either works or it doesn't. All cooling systems work basically the same and run at a normal operating temperature of 185 degrees or above, claiming to blend a specific product that works better in a Subaru than a Toyota is just plain bull! -- Yes, Thermagasket does have a specific product for higher compression diesel engines, we found a little more viscous material worked better for this application due to the cylinder pressures.

Truth: Now there are many different way's to perform the treatment process as well as manipulate the cooling system on a specific vehicle depending on the symptoms you are experiencing, this is where having the hands-on experience of thousands of vehicles repaired at your fingertips comes into play.

Thermagasket has been used in some of the most demanding environments available.

  • Rally Cars in the Dubai Dessert
  • Passenger and Construction Equipment in the severe climates of Canada,
  • Alaska, and Greenland
  • Diesel Municipal Backup Generators
  • Gas & Diesel Competitive Truck and Tractor Pullers
  • Blown & Injected High Horsepower Race Engines
  • Flat Head V8 Engines Run at the Bonneville Salt Flats
  • Over the Road Tractors ( Semi Trucks )
  • World War II Vintage Allison V1710 Water Cooled Aircraft
  • Limousines and Taxi Cabs all over the world
  • Even Fishing Boats like you see on the Discovery Channel

Our commitment to value and customer service are second to none.

Call us for head gasket repair

We strive to earn our customers trust by treating everyone with the respect they deserve.

  • We will always give you an honest answer as to whether we can help you or not.
  • We will save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars over conventional head gasket replacement
  • We will stand behind your purchase with the most knowledgable technical support available
  • If we cannot succesfully help you get your head gasket issues resolved we will refund your money

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